About + Media Kit


Hi, my name is Kayde and I’m just your average girl in an extraordinary world. I’m a 20 year old city girl living in a small town, though the quiet life is soothing. By day I’m a Medical Receptionist and by night I’m your tattooed Disney Princess blogging about things she enjoys and things she wants to raise awareness about. I may seem quiet on the outside but inside I have a lot to say and by running my blog I can communicate to a wide range of people interested or struggling with the same things as I.

I first started this blog to share my experience struggling with various Mental Health issues and discuss the importance of talking and seeking help when you are struggling. But as my audience grew I decided to speak about other things in my life and my hobbies such as ; beauty, fashion and planning. Though my posts are diverse and I try to post in my “Honest to Blog” series about issues that people try and avoid talking about to continue to raise awareness for everyday issues. Previous posts in this series include dealing with the loss of a pet/loved one and about contraception.

Contact Information

Email: kayde.louise@gmail.com

Instagram: @kaydelouise

Twitter: @kaydelouise


For my full media kit please contact me via email and I will be happy to send it to you.


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