Glossybox April 2017 Unboxing & Review!

Alike to my recent Birchbox post, it has been a little while since one of my Glossybox Unboxing’s and Reviews. So as I sit here at my laptop on this sunny Saturday morning, armed with coffee and the thought of an English Brunch as soon as my boyfriend wakes up, I bring you the April edition of this ever popular series of mine. This month’s box theme was Girl on the Go and the products featured were picked out with those who lead consistently busy lives in mind. In my box I was lucky enough to have been sent; a mini Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner, a mini ModelCo Contour Stick, a full-size SportFX Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil, a full-size Merci Handy Love and Hand Cleansing Gel, and a mini Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL.

IMG_1611I’ll start off with my least favourite product in this box, which was the Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner. This brand was completely new to me before sampling them through Glossybox and I was quite excited to try this product as it is unlike any hair product I had tried before. As it is a Co-Wash it combines both the traditional cleansing action of shampoo with the conditioning effects of the conditioner, killing two birds with one stone essentially. Unlike any other two in one I have had the pleasure of trying before though it had more of a conditioIMG_1578ner consistency, meaning you didn’t get a lather from it, which I didn’t like as to me it just feels like the product is just sitting on my hair. You are to use it the same as you would shampoo but leave it to sit for a few moments like a conditioner. Afterwards my hair did feel squeaky clean, however, after I let it dry naturally and without the use of any tool or product my hair felt and looked incredibly greasy, which I why I wouldn’t recommend it or try it again. If you had much dryer and frizzier hair it may work for you as it does aim to lock in a lot of moisture, but for me it fell flat and was a no go.

IMG_1612Next up in my April Glossybox is the product we were all told about back in March, and that is the ModelCo Contour Stick. What I like most about this stick is how versatile it is, making it a perfect product for someone on the go. Not only can you do what it says on the tin and contour with it but you can also use it as an eyeshadow or lip colour. I will say that whilst in the packaging it does look very neutral with cool undertones suitable for all skin tones it does apply quite orangey, which is why I avoided testing it as a lip colour on myself. The pointed tip on the stick makes it perfect to apply as a contour colour as you can get it exactly where you wahfhdfhdfhdfhdhfdhfnt it to go, and it does have a twisty bottom to get out more product. As I said before, it does apply rather orangey and being pale I needed to blend it in quite a bit as a contour so I wasn’t left looking like I had an argument with some cheap fake tan and looking more like I am chiselled. But as a cream eyeshadow it is great, especially when you layer a copper or bronze powder shadow over the top, it really did my blue eyes stand out. Coming into the summer months I can see this coming in handy when I go travelling as a two in one product, saving a lot of room in my bag.

IMG_1609Another two in one product I received this month is the SportFX Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil, again this is a product from a fairly new brand that I hadn’t tried before. A brand that was specifically created to offer multiuse products, with those who go from the gym to work or their daily ventures in mind. On one end of the pencil we have black eyeliner, and on the other end a brown eyeliner, both of which can also be used as a brow pencil if desired. To give this eyeliner a proper run around I used it as both an eyebrow colour and an eyeliner, seeing how it applied to the different areas on my face. The brown pencil, the one I used to fill in my brows, is very creamy and easy to apply, as well as being very pigmented, however, it does have some red undertones which can make your brows appear much lighter thafmjfgjfgmfmfmfn they do if you have very dark hair, like I have myself. Nevertheless it was very easy to use and I will be using it for work to give my brows a bit more umph. The black pencil on the other hand did let me down. Being an avid fan and collector of eyeliners I do have my favourite pencils thhfhdfhdfhdfhdhfdhfat give me the colour payoff and the application I desire from an eyeliner, this didn’t possess either of these qualities. I used it to line my eyelids, not wanting to create a dramatic look but a visible line instead. It applied very chalky and was hard to work with, the colour applying more grey than anything and looking very patchy. I couldn’t see myself using this is an eyeliner again as I do have my staples but I will most likely combine the black with the brown on my brows to create a more ashy colour that I need.

IMG_1608Subscription boxes are a great way of discovering and trying new products and brands, finding new staples for your collection. However, sometimes you can be sent products that you have already tried or some that you already own, the Merci Handy Love and Handy Cleansing Gel is one of those. This hand gel was something I was sent last August in my Birchbox, and was something I fell in love with then, although this time I was sent the scent Flower Power which is light, floral and perfect for spring. Rather than repeating myself again, if you wanted to see what I thought about this hand gel follow this link to see my last review on it! (

IMG_1610Last, but by no means least is the Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL. The name of this product alone made me excited to try it, plus I have had such a great experience with all the Rodial products that I have tried before, making them quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. The formula for this mascara is very creamy and liquidy, making it so easy to apply as it is so fluid anIMG_1574d doesn’t clump, the formula also makes it easy to separate lashes, coating each individual one with the perfect amount of product, giving you that promised XXL look. This mascara is perfect for giving you that fanned, butterfly lash look, which is very glamorous and teams up perfectly with either a cat or smokey eye.

Have you been thinking about trying Glossybox or want to try some of the products I received this month? Then make sure you use my link to get £5 off your first box!

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