Time to be Honest.

So, where do I begin? As you have probably noticed I have been very absent from my blog and social media pages for the last few weeks without any real explanation, which after receiving a lot of questions I feel I really need to be honest with you all and be real, after all that it is why I created my blog in the first place.

Since the start of this year I have seemed to have illness after illness, ear infections, throat infections, chest infections and so on. Working in a Doctors Surgery this really affected my job as they all left me unable to work, due to not hearing or not being able to speak, or just throwing up from coughing up so much. One of the lovely Doctors I work with took some time out of her day to have a listen to my chest since my cough seemed to be getting worse despite the great deal of antibiotics I was taking. During this consultation she asked me straight how long I had struggled with Anxiety for, which was what was causing my continuous cough and shortness of breath. For me this was a complete shock to the system, I thought I was pretty good at hiding my emotions of issues from anyone but since a Doctor whom I work with seemed to notice I knew something more serious had to be wrong. So I did something I am good at, I was honest. I opened up a huge can of worms and let spill almost 10 years of struggles onto her, and it felt good. Though I have spoken to people about this before and seen a few other Doctors in the past I never felt any relief and I continued to help myself on my own, being strong for everyone else. We hugged and I cried, and we both came to the decision that I needed to get some help, I had kept everything inside for so long and obviously trying to help myself wasn’t working anymore and I needed medical intervention.

The following morning I got an appointment at my own Doctors and discussed my concerns there, a long talk and a few questions later I was told I was indeed struggling with quite severe Depression and Anxiety and needed to swiftly start an antidepressant and I was also referred on for a further Mental Health Assessment to start some talking therapies. In some ways it was definitely a relief to come to blows with an issue I had been struggling with for quite some time. Coming head to head with my illness to did cause me to become a bit withdrawn, hence the lack of posting on anything, I became quite secluded in an act to help better myself, refraining from using social media to try and help boost my knock of confidence but I feel it’s now town I got back out there and back into my hobbies, no matter how much it my scare me at times.

If you ever feel like you’re struggling with low mood or anxiety please feel free to get in touch with me, I’d be more than happy to listen and offer advice, as I wish I had more people to talk to when I feel most low.


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