I’m a Peach Princess!

If you follow me on any form of social media then you will already be aware that I have been crowned a Peach Princess by the amazing brand, Superpeach! We all knew I was a Princess before anyway, but this crowning has simply cemented this fact. Superpeach really appealed to me as their brand consists of very cute, vintage-style lingerie and accessories which suit my particular sense of style, and the brand itself focuses on positivity, self-love, and of course, treating yourself like a Princess. So when the opportunity to work with them arose, I jumped at the chance to team up with them and share their beautiful range of products to a wider audience. Superpeach were kind enough to send me a voucher to use online to pick and choose the items that I wanted to try, and I ended up spending my own money on their website as well to get a few different products so I could get a better feel of the brand.

img_1420Before I get onto the items I purchased I first had to talk about the packaging! Not only does it arrive in a Peach coloured mail bag but it’s wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper with a little bow and some fake rose petals. Everything is hand wrapped so you can see the amount of detail and effort goes into each and every order!

As Superpeach started out selling their own knickers, this img_1417was obviously my first stop as I cannot resist a cute pair of undies. The lacy, vintage-esque style of them all fit my personal taste perfectly and I was utterly spoilt for choice and really did have to hold back! So with the trusty aid of my boyfriend, I settled on two pairs; Zara and Kiara. The Zara pair are a red brief/boy short style with a black lace overlay and a sheer black back. I bought these in the size M as I usually buy my underwear in a 10/12 and these fit really nicely. They’re very roomy and have quite a high rise which I like as they hold me in as such and are super comfortable to wear. The other pair I purchased, Kiara, are a brief/boy short style too and are completely black lace. They are definitely a sexier style than the Zara pair, simply because they are all lacimg_1416e and sheer, with a low rise but are still very comfortable. I particularly like the intricate scalloped details around the edges which is something that Superpeach appreciates, the smallest of details that make all the difference in a good pair of knickers. Again, I purchased these in a size M and find them to be extremely comfy to wear. I can highly recommend the knickers from Superpeach and will definitely be ordering some more soon, especially since they have the comfiest lace underwear I have ever tried. Other companies that I have purchased lace lingerie from before can feel scratchy, slippy and downright uncomfortable but these are so soft and fit perfectly that they are a dream to wear.

img_1415Cute accessories are also something that Superpeach excels in and seeing that they had a beanie department I knew where I would be heading. As it’s still very much Winter here in the UK, a good beanie is a necessity to keep your head from getting cold and though I already have quite the hat collection, I couldn’t resist treating myself to another. The hat that immediately caught my eye was the Aimei Cat Beanie which fits my cat obsession perfectly. From the ears to the whiskers, this beanie was absolutely perfect for me and I have worn it nearly every day since purchasing it and have received a load of compliments on it, particularly from my friends and family who said it has me written all over it. Sadly, this particular hat is now sold out on their website and Superpeach have said that as it was bought in for the Winter season, it will not be restocked, however, they have the same hat in two other colours still available to purchase so if you want it be, sure to check those two out; Alice and Eva.

img_1418The final item I purchased on my first Superpeach order were some nail transfers. This particular set is called Make A Wish and I couldn’t resist these as they are reminiscent of my favourite pixie and will look great when I go to Walt Disney World later on this year. I love nail transfers as I am awful at doing my own nails and cannot do any freehand nail art myself, so these are perfect and are oh so easy to use. The Superpeach website stocks a wide range of nail transfers at really low prices so I will be stocking up on more to add to my collection soon, however, this particular set are no longer available to purchase due to being sold out.

To keep up to date with my blog make sure to follow me for updates and to see more of my adventures check out my Twitter and Instagram (links can be found below), just remember to keep wishing & dreaming! xo

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