Birchbox January 2017: Sprinkle Happiness! Unboxing & Review!


Alike my monthly Glossybox, my surprise treat of my Birchbox is something I look forward to receiving each month! As the first of the New Year I was looking forward to what treats we would be let in for, especially since the theme was “Sprinkle Happiness” so I was expecting a lot of products that were some well-known favourites to put a spring into our step for January. In similar fashion to a few of the past boxes this month’s design was a drawer box, which is my personal favourite as they make excellent storage for easy access to my planner stickers. The print of the January Birchbox certainly spread happiness in its bright yellow and white pattern, sure to bring some colour on a murky day! In my box I received 5 products this month which were as follows; a full size Lord & Berry Conceal It Crayon, a mini Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, a full size Merci Handy Hand Cream, a mini Nails Inc Polish, and a mini tub of Vita Coco Coconut Oil. The products in my January box (in their respective sample sizes) totalled to around £38 which is similar to that of the other boxes which makes it excellent value for money.

imag1402In this whole box there was only one brand who’s products I had never tried before, and that was Vita Coco. I know, it’s shocking really that I have never used or tried coconut oil so I was really excited to give this a whirl as I know that it is extremely versatile and so so good for you! So far I have used this product in 4 different ways and am looking forward to seeing what else I can do for. I have used it as a leave in hair conditioner, to remove eye makeup, to moisturize, and in cooking. Out of these I really like using in cooking, in particular chicken as it adds a light, fragrant flavour to the dishes I use the meat in which I really love. I also like using it to condition my hair, as it has been bleached it does need a lot of looking after to keep it in good condition and the coconut oil keeps it moisturised and keeps it smelling great in between washes too! As an overall moisturiser I found it a bit too greasy for my liking and I ended up trying to wash to feeling off, as a lip product its great but for my skin, although it does leave it soft and supple, it’s just too greasy for me. That’s simply my personal view on it though! I also really didn’t like it to take my eye makeup off due to the greasy residue, it also irritated my eyes a bit which are very sensitive so I typically only use a water based product on them to remove make up. But all in all I really like the versatility of this product, if you know of any other used for coconut oil that I haven’t tried please leave them in the comments, I would love to know your suggestions!

imag1404When getting access to view what we were going to get in our boxes I saw that I was going to be sent a mini Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, which initially, I was a little disappointed to be receiving. Having been sent this product in a Glossybox before, although it was the glitter version, and not being a fan I was a little dubious about trying it again, but as it was slightly different to the previous sample I had tried I was willing to give it a go…and I’m glad I did! I use this oil as a facial oil, applying it after cleansing my face at night. After the first application I swiftly noticed a change in my skin, which was very different from the reaction I had before. The glittering version I used before gave me a really bad breakout and made my skin even oiler than usual, however, the “normal” version of the Huile Prodigieuse reduced the oiliness of my face, giving it a nice glow, increases its softness and even appeared to have reduced my pores. I have yet to try this product in my hair as I am very loyal to Argan Oil as a leave in conditioner but after the improvement of my face I will certainly be giving it a go! Plus, this product smells incredible with an air of elegance to it.


Every girl loves a good concealer, it’s a life saver when you haven’t slept well or you have a nasty spot. I was really looking forward to trying the Lord & Berry Conceal It Crayon for this reason, I have already tried a few products from the brand and all have been incredible, creamy and oh so pigmented. This style of concealer was a little different than usual for me in that it was a sharpenable pencil style. I was sent the shade Ivory which was perfect for my pale skin, I believe it’s the lightest shade they do, however, I’m not entirely aware of how many shades there are in the range. To give this concealer a proper test I used it under my eyes, on any areas where I get redness, and to cover any


Unedited & Filter Free!

nblemishes. As it is a pencil I found a bit too rough when applying under my eyes, although it blends very creamy the pencil style does tug a little at the sensitive skin which is something you want to avoid with this area. However for applying to the red areas, particularly around my nose and chin, and any blemishes its perfect as the pencil style means it’s easy to apply exactly where I want it to go. The creaminess makes it incredibly easy to blend and I set it with a translucent powder as this is how I usually apply my concealer. Compared with my handbag staple of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I think it does last a bit longer but it does feel heavier on my face as it’s a full coverage product but it looks great on and I can see myself using it time and time again.

imag1405Another product from a brand that I have tried before was the Merci Handy Hand Cream, which I was sent in the scent New Wave which smells just like sherbert. All in all, if I’m 100% honest, the scent is the only thing I really like about this product. When sent things like hand creams in these Beauty Boxes I want them to be innovative and really different from everyone else and this one is simply okay in my book. It requires a fair bit of rubbing in and I find that the moistness wears off very quickly leaving you having to apply it more frequently. On the other hand my mum absolutely loved this hand cream and quickly claimed it for herself but everyone’s tastes are to their own.

imag1403Finally, the last item in my January Birchbox was a mini Nails Inc Polish in the shade Richmond Terrace. This particular colour is a dark, brownish red which I really like as dark colours suit my pale skin and style well. However, alike wiimag1391th a few of the other Nails Inc Polishes I have tried in the past the longevity of it is rather poor; a base coat, 3 layers of this polish, followed by an extra strong top coat and it would still chip ridiculously quickly. Although the colour looked great on it wouldn’t wear longer than a day so it’s good for a night out but compared to other brands it doesn’t wear well. The polishes are glossy and highly pigmented, it’s just a shame that they don’t last long at all.

Overall I was really happy with my January Birchbox, all of the products will be used and I will certainly be repurchasing a few of the items in the box once finished! Now if you want to sign up to Birchbox and get £5 worth of points to spend in the Birchbox shop all you need to do is sign up using

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