Book Review! Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Thriller

Is there anything better than getting stuck into a really good book? Especially when you want to get back into the groove of reading more and expanding your views. I try and read as much as I can but I do find that all it takes is a few chapters of one book to completely throw you off and make you lose interest, and then there’s those that are so captivating you lose yourself in them and struggle to put it down. That’s exactly what happened with me and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. I picked this book up last summer when it was on an offer last summer as it sounded intriguing and different from my usual fantasy or chick-let novels. At the time I was unaware that this was a sequel but from the first chapter I was hooked.

“The line between love and murder, desire and obsession, can be a narrow one”

The story is set on Joe Goldberg, and from what I can tell, continues almost straight after the events of the first book, You. I won’t give anything away about this book or its predecessor in case you too want to step into his crazy life but having not read You I still found this book incredibly easy to understand, the plot points you need to know in regards to the first in the series are all explained to you throughout the novel and it can be read as a standalone, however, I am certainly going to be purchasing the first book.


Unlike any other book I have read it’s a thriller, it’s twisted, it’s dark and funny, and it really makes you root for Joe even if you really shouldn’t. It’s full of wit and honesty, love and grit, and the only reasons I could put it down was for work and to sleep! From start to finish you are on your toes, tearing away at the pages to see what happens next and I am left with so many questions, I was hoping for so many more chapters to greet me when I passed the final page and was heartbroken to know that I had come to the end of this particular episode in the life of Joe Goldberg. At least now I know I have another book in this series to read, which will act as somewhat as a prologue for me and I simply cannot wait to get stuck into it!

I cannot praise this book enough to my friends and family, so many of my colleagues now want to borrow it as they have seen how stuck into it I have become and I cannot wait to see their reactions and to have someone else to gush over it with! Please Caroline Kepnes, please do a million more books on Joe Goldberg, the man you shouldn’t love but you simply cannot hate. His story has me hooked and I really want to know what happens next #JusticeForJoe!

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